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MCL Radon Gas Advantage 


When you contact us, you will talk to directly to Mike. He will also be the one installing your system! 

At MCL Radon Gas Technicians, we take radon mitigation seriously. Our radon removal systems will make you and your family safe from radon gas. No matter where you live in Northern Michigan, contact us.
We serve all of Northern Michigan. We are certified radon removal specialists and have completed all radon certification courses. MCL Radon constantly strives to learn the latest radon mitigation techniques and technologies.


We pride ourselves on knowing how to properly design and install the most efficient radon removal system possible,
placing your system in the best location in your home, and always try to provide our customers with the lowest prices possible.

Why hire MCL Radon Mitigation Services in Northern Michigan?

We offer three different styles:

1. Economy System

  • Regular system, no cover, lowest price


2. Deluxe System

  • System with a cover, over fan with rectangular exhaust pipe


3. Custom Painted Deluxe System

  • System with a cover, over fan with rectangular exhaust pipe, custom painted in our shop to match your home

  • Honest and professional radon removal service

  • Competitively priced radon mitigation systems

  • Face to face friendly service

  • No mess guarantee

  • Efficient radon removal systems

  • Best looking radon mitigation systems inside and outside your home

  • Painting the outdoor materials to match to your home, if needed


Please Note: At MCL Radon we include retesting after we install a radon mitigation system to make sure that we have installed a system that is effective and under the EPA recommended level, less than 4.0 pCi/L, and has satisfied the needs and expectations of the client.

we are only a phone call away

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